GBM School Of Learning

Learning is a core value at Genesis Burson-Marsteller. We believe in empowering our people with the right learning input, knowledge and best practices. Our learning programmes are customised and conducted under the aegis of GBM School of Learning.
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We conduct learning interventions designed to develop talented and motivated teams through classroom study, mentoring, on-the-job learning and self-evaluations. Our programmes are considered gold standard in the industry. We help address gaps and enhancements at different levels of an employee’s career lifecycle—entry level, manager level or at the leadership level. At each level, competencies are carefully selected and desired levels of proficiency clearly defined. This helps identify areas of strength and improvement in an effort to increase overall efficiency.


Induction – We follow the TPI-theory for our induction programme. It includes the development of Theoretical and Practical skills, and also meets the Interaction needs that exist among the new employees. A week-long rigorous induction module called SEED takes new-joiners through the imperatives of the PR industry and the core values and nuances that every new employee must be apprised of.

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Associate Learning Programme (ALP) is an example of how we focus on learning at the very foundation. It is a programme designed to train an individual in all facets of public relations within a working environment. It is the only formal and structured programme that nurtures young public relations talent at the workplace in India today. Associates graduate from this programme as well-rounded professionals who are ready to deliver in a knowledge-based environment. We have been running this programme successfully for 12 years.

The most robust training programme encapsulating job rotation and experiential learning tools to understand the nuances of PR and communications world.

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Genesis Burson-Marsteller’s other flagship learning initiative, LEAP is a structured programme for our future leaders. It is a one week long intense programme. As a future leader, you can create a life of passion, fulfilment and contribution. Using the experiential learning methodology, the learning emphasis is on enhancing professional and leadership skills. We lay a keen focus on building self-awareness and on identifying and improving the challenges faced by the young leaders in managing teams and client expectations.