Grow With Us

“It’s a beautiful thing when career and passion come together.”

When you work for one of South Asia’s leading integrated communications firms, you work in a place where growth is a given. The path you take with us, though, is different from any other.

Led by our values


These values are not just words that define the way we work at Genesis Burson-Marsteller. These are values that form our DNA, making us one of the most respected firms.

We like our work and we like our play too! It’s what keeps us fresh, brimming with ideas and, of course, a great place to work. When you join us, you don’t just join an organisation—the friends you make here are friends for life.

Great place to work

What makes GBM a truly unique and wonderful place to work is the mix of experiences, both personal and professional, that you get here:

Several specialisations: Whether you want to get into film-making or become a social media champ, you want to experience how a large enterprise works or love the sponteneity of the start-ups, want to see how an e-commerce organisation works or a sports team, a loved brand or an inspiring personality—at GBM you get a variety of domains and expertise areas you can get into. You could be part of the PR teams in one of our five practices—Corporate & Financial, Health & Wellness, Brand, Sports & Entertainment, Consumer Technology and Enterprise Technology. You could also work in the area of government relations and advocacy as part of the PA team. And then there are also Centres of Expertise, like GBM Content & Design Bureau, GBM Digital Studio, GBM Live! Newsroom, GBM Client Studio, GBM Issues & Crisis Group, and Corporate Social Responsibility, or Business Divisions like Step Up and The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau to choose from.

Global and local: You get to work on clients and locations both Indian and international. As part of a large global firm, which holds the India market and talent in high regard, you get to work on national and international assignments and also get a chance for a global posting.

Growth plan: At GBM, you decide your growth path. You can go from being an individual contributor to Team Manager to Client Leader to Business Leader within the same business, or you can choose to move across the organisations in areas you would like to explore and excel in.

Training and learning: At every level of your career, you have access to comprehensive learning programmes that have become the benchmark for the industry. Whether it is the entry-level ALP programme, the mid-level LEAP or the leadership development programmes, GBM School of Learning doesn’t just train you for work, it trains you for life.

Diversity of talent: We are a firm with more than 70% women. We are also a firm that goes beyond gender diversity. We welcome people with diversity of backgrounds, aptitude, interest areas and more. This is because our portfolio of clients, and what they need, is also diverse.