Our Talent


When you look for a place to work, we know you look at both tangible and intangible factors. Here is what those who work with us have to say about Genesis BM.

The last eight years at Genesis BM have offered me a platform to grow as a professional and as a person. The firm has always been the wind beneath my wings allowing me to explore opportunities that otherwise would have been extremely difficult. From the domain training sessions to the Friday forums, the regular programs provide comprehensive knowledge that ensures we are updated with the latest developments in the industry.

– Prasanna

At Genesis BM, I like the people around me. They are so enthusiastic about the work, they are very helpful and they are willing to go out of the way and work. Genesis BM is a second home to the people working here and they consider it their duty to work passionately.

– Aastha


The best part about Genesis BM is—Individual, People and Process, Learning. This is a place where every individual is given importance and liberty to work in their own styles. This is a place where I am heard, motivated and provided options of growth and development. People increase the enthusiasm to turn the impossible in possible solutions with dedication and hard work. I like the process-oriented work. We have set parameters for each work. L is the learning factor, which is open to all the individuals whether an Associate or a Manager.

– Durgesh Nandini