Case Study

When Music Makes A Cause Resonate

A series of unique, participative music events, supported by rigorous digital and traditional media promotion gave Genesis Foundation real, measurable results

Case Study-GF

Genesis Foundation, a not-for-profit, raises funds for the treatment of critically ill under-privileged children. Since 2001, it has been committed to Give Life a Chance. Slowly, but surely, it has been working to increase the impact its efforts have. In 2014 the Foundation took a resolve to scale up fundraising so that it could support more children than it did. Research showed that the biggest contributors personally and professionally, were high net-worth individuals (HNIs)—those in the C-suite of companies. The communications team came up with the idea that given the bevy of causes, HNIs would choose the Foundation’s cause only if they were to be integrally involved in its activities—beyond the usual cheque-book-charity. They needed a more personal connect with the Foundation to make giving participative, fun and effective.

Thus was born Music for a Cause, an integrated communication campaign that included a series of unique, participative musical events where the HNI indulged their love for music, while contributing to a cause.

More engagement, more CEOs, more donors

For the success of the campaign and to reach the goals, one event would not have been enough. A series of fundraisers was organized in different formats, all of which would display the musical talent of people. These events were:

1.    CEO’s Got Talent, based on the popular Got Talent franchise, the event had CEOs displaying their musical and other talents in front of celebrity judges, like actors Mahesh Bhatt, Raveena Tandon and Neha Dhupia, along with Colors TV head, Raj Nayak. The event was televised on CNBC-TV18, covered on outdoor and radio, besides celebrities as digital influencers.
2.    CEOs Sing for GF Kids, a fund-raiser where CEOs sing and people pay to attend.
3.    Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival and JadhavGADH Music Festival, fundraisers to marry music and a worthy cause, with artistes from India’s diverse pool of talent to perform in support of the children under its care.

Partnering for success

Several partnerships were forged—with media houses, outreach specialists and digital development companies—to increase reach and visibility. While Kasauli Rhythm & Blues and JadhavGadh Music Festivals were already in collaboration with Rolling Stone India magazine, the Foundation collaborated with Fremantle Media to adapt its hugely popular Got Talent franchise for CEO’s Got Talent, where the Foundation was the beneficiary of the proceeeds.

More partners were also brought for tactical support, including ACTFAQs, CRI Events, QuikRelations, NZT Technologies, Bright Outdoors, Radio City and venue partners.

Upping the digital ante

Heavy digital amplification was done to generate awareness about the activities of the Foundation:

•    Increased engagement on social channels, creating an Instagram account, and substantially more video and graphic content.
•    Coopted influencers like performing bands, lifestyle bloggers, CEOs and celebrity judges like Mahesh Bhatt, Neha Dhupia, Raj Nayak.
•    An important part of the digital strategy was creation of an app—GF Live. Notifications to create buzz, event and contest updates, added excitement.
•    Increased engagement through monthly newsletter, mailers and revamped website.

The campaign led to shift in perception as well as clear, tangible impact on the Foundation’s outcomes:

•  Total funds raised increased by 32%. Increase in the number of children supported by 110%.
•  Number of CEO participants went up by 21%.
•  Event sponsorship in terms of value increased by a whopping 235%, with several blue chip companies sponsoring events. Event attendance rose to more than 32% times the previous year’s.
•  Sponsorship value added from TV, radio and outdoor partners was Rs 35 million.
•  Due to increased visibility and credibility, hospital partnerships increased by 40%.

Awards Won - 3

PR Week Awards 2015

  • GBM Marketing Campaign /Certificate of Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility

Asia Pacific Excellence Award 2016

  • Genesis Foundation’s ‘Music for a Cause’ communication campaign won in the NGO category

Sabre South Asia Awards 2016

  • Certificates of Excellence