October 27, 2018

Alaska’s Quality of Produce Makes Food Delectable

Prema Sagar, Vice Chair, Burson-Marsteller Asia Pacific & Founder, Genesis Burson- Marsteller recounts a special Alaskan holiday with her husband, Jyoti Sagar where she soaked in the stunning sights, rich history and delicious vegetarian food

There are a whole range of skills involved in travel, right from research and planning, to organisation. And then there are the attitudes and behaviours, how well can you adapt to new situations, how well can you make do with just a suitcase worth of resources, how inhibited or free are you in talking to strangers. The most important thing though, that happens with travel, is that you get exposure and perspective. Together, these sow the seeds of empathy in you. And empathy is one of the key attributes of a leader. I would therefore urge young leaders in the making to travel. There is always so much to learn from travel.


My most memorable holiday has to be the trip I took with my husband, Jyoti Sagar to Alaska a couple of years ago. It was a special holiday for a variety of reasons – spectacular sights, a rich, awe-inspiring history, the nicest people, and lovely food, a wide range of experiences on bike, train, car, cruises and more. It was just a very wholesome trip!


As a vegetarian, I often struggle on my travels in finding something good to eat. However, in Alaska, I really enjoyed the food. The sheer quality of produce makes food delectable. I really enjoyed digging into the salads and vegetables.


I travel for work all the time. If I could, I would travel to the hills any time, in the flash of a second! I really love Singapore, where I can eat, walk and meet up with friends. Otherwise I would really not call myself much of a travel buff, though I usually take one vacation a year with my husband. One of the places on my travel wish list is Croatia. Another thing my husband and I are really keen to do, is to take a trip across Europe by train. By this, I mean not just the regular trains, but the heritage ones. It’s been on our minds for a while, and hopefully we can make it happen soon.