September 16, 2014

Being More with Gabbys 2014

Year after year, Gabbys is becoming bigger, better and much more creative and fun. Gabbys 2014, our annual awards night was no different… the awards ended on a high note with recognition of winning campaigns, excellence in teamwork and commitment to GBM.

An annual affair, the Gabbys is the time to recognize and applaud all those who have a made a difference to our business, our clients’ business and represent innovative thinking and impeccable execution. Tying in with the overall positioning of Burson-Marsteller, the theme for this year’s Gabbys was Being More. And in every way, the teams, the fun, the competition and the level of talent were More.

While on the one hand Gabbys is about the competition and campaigns, on the other hand, Gabbys is a celebration of everything that Genesis Burson-Marsteller stands for. Being More for our clients is at the very top of our priorities, of course. The values that we hold close and the fun that that teams have with each other are equally important. People who go far beyond the call of duty, people who espouse the soul of Genesis BM, people who are creative, ideas-driven and result-oriented—Gabbys recognises all these and more.

So what was different this year? Gabbys has always been known to raise the bar. This year the focus was on visual storytelling. Whether it was the campaign presentations or the employee engagement programs, stories were told using images, animation, video, making the overall feel impactful and compelling.

The campaign judging process, which involved a round of shortlisting before a three-day presentation marathon, had a mix of internal and external jury members. Judging campaigns on their innovative approach, creative ideas, compelling storytelling and above all, impactful outcomes for clients, the jury members were left impressed and excited by what they saw.

If you think Gabbys is all about the awards, you’re wrong. As the excitement built up, there were, every week, exciting activities and fun interactions across all our offices, all leading up to a crackling ceremony followed by a let-your-hair-down after-party!

The culmination of many months of hectic preparations, frantic last-minute rehearsals and much fun and games, all the action went down across Genesis Burson-Marsteller offices and unleashed an infectious energy on 27th August.

Finally, it’s time to put your hands together for the winners announced at the Gabbys 2014 awards night. Heartiest congratulations to all our winners…you make us proud!