June 27, 2018

Better Talk Time. The best way to recharge your batteries.

As I reflect on the week gone by, the one common theme that cuts across both spheres of life (professional & personal) is the importance of finding time to talk. Time to share. Time to show that we care.

A ‘Jamai Sasthi’ dinner, cooked by my son brought us together. Lots of excitement around how he had prepared each dish and conversation about the kind of food he likes to cook made for a lovely evening.

A day dedicated to listening to teams talk about the great work they did. GABBYs (our firms in house awards) is always a pleasure to be part of. As one of the external jury members said, “I was prepared for a painful day, but it turned out to be so much fun because we could listen to teams talk and feel their passion”. Spending time listening to and learning from colleagues was a privilege.

A few hours discussing how to cope with an ever-expanding to-do list with my son, revisiting concepts of time management, important vs urgent, mindfulness and meditation left us both feeling better. More connected.

A 20-minute unplanned catch up with a colleague, sharing stories, trading views on what makes the world go around, ended with “thank you for sparing so much of your time for me”. I did not look at it that way at all, but I am grateful that the talk time was valued.

A gap in talking with my family in Kerala due to our holiday travel and I don’t know what is going on in their lives. Just a few weeks of not speaking and I missed out on so much. Luckily my sister called a few nights ago and filled me in on all the news and then I got back into the rhythm of reconnecting with the rest of the gang.

A 3-hour drive to Greater Noida and back with two of my oldest friends, was a reminder that we don’t spend enough time together. The great news is it felt as easy and comfortable as it always has been. A reminder that we need to reconnect more often.

A long conversation with my wife. Where she made me listen to some things I did not want to hear was a grateful reminder that she is my biggest fan and my best critic.

A catch up with a client to discuss messaging ahead of a big launch. Not urgent, but really important. And on the sidelines we covered a lot of other ground as well.

A couple visiting Delhi for a wedding who made the journey to Gurgaon to spend a few hours talking to us before they caught their flight back home. Was a reminder of how enjoyable a couple of hours can be when spent with a couple whose company you enjoy.

Planned or unplanned. It’s this talk time that is the glue keeping our world together. Brands and campaigns that capatalise on this need we have, to be meaningfully connected, not necessarily with an agenda, are the ones that we will relate to. Not a new insight. But an important reminder.

Who are you going to talk to tomorrow? Or better still, who are you going to listen to?