October 27, 2018

#fakeviews are as big a problem as #fakenews – tune out, to tune in

I sent him the WhatsApp message at 9.32. I know he saw it. He has not responded…

Who does he think he is? How dare he not respond to me?

He must be really happy that we managed to get this done. He must be calling her.

I hope he is not angry? It’s been 5 minutes, he normally always reply’s immediately

I wonder if he understood what I meant?

I think I made a mistake, I should have sent an email instead, I could have explained it better.

Maybe he was in a meeting and forgot to respond.


Flights of fancy. Pleasure.

Moments of panic. Pain and Paralysis.

All manufactured by the mind. #fakeviews that you are creating for yourself, can be a big problem if you don’t realise that perspective changes your view of reality. Remember, you can choose the perspective.

It’s one thing if you consciously conjure up a memory or choose to devote your attention to someone or something. It’s an entirely different situation when your mind takes over and you are in an autopilot mode. When you are so wrapped up in your thoughts that you forget to focus on the people around you and the present.

The key is to remember you are the pilot. If you choose to go into autopilot mode, that’s fine. If you can take back the controls at will, even better. That’s the place we should aim to get to. Fly when we want to, where we want to and use our autopilot occasionally, at will.

The mind wanders. Makes up things. Replays the past, sometimes giving it meaning that did not exist. Races into the future, making up so many versions of what could happen. And when all this is happening, life happens without you.

You find yourself standing somewhere that you are not supposed to be – Have you ever got off the lift on the wrong floor?

You find yourself wondering what you wanted to say – Started telling a story and half way through forgotten what you were trying to narrate?

The #fakeviews problem is much bigger than we think. We are often the biggest contributors of self-made fake-views. Our mind meanders. Creating so many – what if this happens? what if that happens? Scenarios. It’s all fake news of a sort. Especially if that becomes our reality. If we get consumed by it. We forget to live in the moment. To focus on what is real, here and now.

Don’t believe everything you think.

Choose to think about what you want to believe. A quote I came across, sums it up pretty well…“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts”. So tune out, to tune in.