May 1, 2017

What’s New At GBM: May 2017

Pushing boundaries with our work

Dear Friends,
In the quarter just gone by, we have truly tried to Be More on every front. In this landmark year for us, we haven’t just planned celebrations but also taken the concept of Pushing Boundaries to everything we do—for our clients, our people and the community.
Every year, we celebrate International Women’s Day with fervour in our woman-majority organisation. But this time, we took it a step forward and created campaigns celebrating women in leadership as well as outstanding women that we know. At the global Burson-Marsteller level, with Advantage Women and Gender Equality Conversations Survey, and at the WPP level, with Common Ground, there are efforts at encouraging conversations around gender and diversity. It is our belief that we have a big role to play as communicators in taking these conversations ahead, and we want to do everything we can—not just by ourselves but also with and for our clients.

What is exciting is that these and other campaigns were not just PR-driven, but also combined our integrated offerings. The work done by our Centres of Expertise and Business Divisions has been stellar as well.

Do share your thoughts on how we can push boundaries together.

Prema Sagar

Celebrating women—as leaders, as inspirers


#SheLeadsByExample Public relations and communications as an industry has a lot of women, and this is true for Genesis Burson-Marsteller as well. We also have a majority of women in our leadership. In a country where women are struggling to break the glass ceiling, we felt it was important to call out our women leaders and showcase how they are doing it all and maintaining a balance. So we ran a social campaign called #SheLeadsByExample.

While calling out women leaders is important, it’s equally important to call out women in our lives—mothers, bosses, colleagues, friends, sisters, and also women we admire. And that was the thought behind The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau’s #OutstandingWomen campaign. The social campaign resonated with a lot of people and they shared their personal inspirations. No prizes for guessing who is the most outstanding woman in people’s lives—their mother, of course!

Nostalgia, pride, love and empowerment in GBM Digital Studio’s showcase

GBM Digital Studio has been busy with some interesting campaigns this past quarter—and their work is getting noticed!


HCL at 40 Just like us, HCL too is celebrating a milestone year—they turned 40. The GBM Digital Studio worked with them to create an interesting microsite, with an interactive timeline and a film to showcases HCL’s longevity, key global trends and milestones that shaped the world. The campaign was planned to evoke nostalgia around HCL’s past, with vintage print ads and brand videos, as well as evoke pride in the role that HCL has played for the past 40 years. The campaign message is clear—HCL has been there #TouchingLives at every inflection point of technology, and the narrative, videos and microsite, all made for an engaging online campaign.

Creative showcase on Lighthouse Insights An online magazine covering the Indian digital marketing space, Lighthouse Insights (LI) regularly showcases interesting campaigns around important days and themes. On Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day, GBM Digital Studio made topical creatives for several of our clients, and some of these were featured by LI in their thematic showcase. On Valentine’s Day, the brands featured included our clients Intel India, which had a short video on little acts of love for family, Timex India, where an animated GIF invited people to share how their love story began and stand a chance to get it animated, and Ford India, which had a video on the love affair between the car and the road. Each of these creatives and videos broke away from the usual representations of love on Valentine’s Day and helped the clients stand apart on a day filled with clichés on social media. On Women’s Day, our creative for Logitech India was featured, which celebrated women as multi-tasking pros, tying with the brand’s own theme of its multi-tasking products.

Every Friday we are sharpening the saw


Stephen Covey, in his seminal 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, called out the seventh habit as ‘Sharpening the saw’. He defines it as “preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have—you. It means having a balanced program for self-renewal.” With that in mind, we pause from the frantic pace of our work every Friday to sharpen the saw and renew ourselves through training. From 2-6 pm, our teams across India converge at the training room and learn from experts in the areas of content to creativity, digital to media management and more. The ante is only going to go up from here, making Fridays not just about waiting for the weekend but waiting for the Pushing Boundaries trainings as well.