May 30, 2018

What’s New At GBM: May 2018

Pushing boundaries in Times Of Change

Dear Friends,
We are almost half-way into the year, and the pace of activity we have seen, both within and outside our firm, has kept us all busy. Global headwinds of change—both within our industry and in the political, economic, regulatory and business landscape—need us all to be sharp, innovative and agile in our communications approach.

While the global headwinds may impact us here in India, we will continue to focus on our clients, their priorities and their growth. The GBM Live! Newsroom, for instance, arms you with real-time information and actionable insights to plan more targeted campaigns and respond to changes in the environment.

I read somewhere: It takes change to make change happen. We are looking ahead to the rest of the year with a lot of positive anticipation and eagerness to make change happen—for our clients, our people, our industry and our community.


Launching The Government & Citizenship Division


Governments and their departments and ministries are today no different from brands for their consumers, i.e., citizens. Like any brand, they have to present a comprehensive and cohesive image across communication channels. Focused on providing integrated communication solutions to government entities, we launched our Government and Citizenship division to help governments and their departments articulate and communicate their vision and fulfil their mission towards the citizens that they serve.

GBM Live! Newsroom: We Do Great Things With Data, Are You Making Use Of It?

Over the past few years, we have made data and technology our friend, our confidant, our enabler to get things done faster, smarter. We have experimented and have successfully provided invaluable insights to many of our clients using the power of data, analytics, and their interpretation. Today, we can create customised dashboards for you that interpret data from print, online and social media for actionable insights. These dashboards give you a daily/weekly/month-on-month visualization of data that matters to you the most—progress of a campaign, critical insights during crisis, influencers engaging with your brand, missed story opportunities, and more.

You can also activate GBM Live! Newsroom to get answers to specific questions such as who are the active/potential analysts and influencers and their dispositions towards your brand, the best media to engage with, working out strategic partnerships with new media publications, creating infographics on topical issues connecting them back subtly to your message, and more.

A regular day in PR, or a crisis that has already snowballed—we are using technology and automation to fight the good fight.

Please watch the film to get a sense of what we do:

Sharpening The Saw, The 2.0 Version!


The constantly changing communications landscape needs us to constantly evolve and upskill. With that in mind, we launched the weekly Pushing Boundaries trainings across our offices last year, in the critical areas of creativity, content, social media and media relations.

This year, to continue developing our people and help them apply the learning better, we introduced Pushing Boundaries 2.0. Aimed at enhancing skill through live case studies and drive greater engagement through collaborative learning, the programme is being conducted using a hands-on learning approach through intensive workshops. With Pushing Boundaries 2.0, we want our teams to take the value of what they have learnt to deliver better outcomes for your business. Ask your team to show you how they can do that.

Shattering Stereotypes Since 1992

Behind every successful woman, is she. Being the front runners for change, shattering stereotypes has been the norm at GBM. According to a study, women work an hour longer than men, taking on 2.6 times the amount of unpaid care and domestic work that men do each day. These findings, combined with an internal survey of our women, culminated into a unique video dedicated to their strength, resilience in pushing boundaries and capturing how women at GBM have been #ShatteringStereotypes to be successful, both personally and professionally every day. Our division The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau also marked the occasion by reinforcing that #SheAtWork needs to be celebrated every day, and curated conversations with speakers as well as influencers.

View the #ShatteringStereotypes video here: