Sheena Sharma

Chief Pharma, Health & Wellness, Issues & Crisis and Client Studio

Sheena brings over 20 years of communication training and PR experience. Based in Bangalore, she oversees all executive communication trainings for the firm, having conducted over 200 workshops with leading corporates and entities in South Asia. Sheena joined Genesis Burson-Marsteller in 1994 and has the overall accountability for growth and retention of clients, lending her expertise in strategy, thought leadership, sharing best practices, service orientation and quality.

Sheena is Genesis Burson-Marsteller’s key lead on Issues & Crises across all client portfolios. Her skill lies in comprehensive risk maps, mapping stakeholder dispositions, analyzing media sentiments and creating a communication defense strategy along-with implementation at critical junctures including mergers and acquisitions, plant closures and union flare-ups. She works with clients to integrate cultures and communicate with employees with a specific focus on change management. Counsels clients to manage their ‘reputation risk’ by deploying our proprietary methodology, Crisis1™, that  helps them identify vulnerabilities, take pre-emptive steps & manage a crisis and its ‘after effects’.

Sheena leads the *client studio* – A learning centre of excellence that uses proprietary knowledge, concepts, insights and skill to facilitate training for senior executives in organizations and associations in the areas of communication, public relations, corporate social responsibility, social media and marketing.

Using   specialized  training modules, Sheena helps executive level clients navigate today’s overcrowded media landscape,  and understand how best to engage directly with their target audiences  on a personal level.

Sheena’s expertise in this area includes:

  • Media Training Basic – Simple, memorable methodology on how to prepare for and execute successful engagement with the media
  • Advanced Media Training – Special focus, intense practice and evidenced-based messaging combined with intensive interview simulations used to get C-Suite executives media sensitised.
  • Quick Prep! – To stay fresh and on target with some warm up practice before interviews. If your spokesperson has already been through media training, but now faces a difficult interview on short notice, Quick Prep helps them get ready.
  • Social Media Training -Learn how to extend your reach and contribute to communities of interest, utilize social media as a focus-group of thousands or early warning system, and defend against a fast-moving issue that spreads virally via blogs and Twitter in this half-day or full-day interactive social media training session customised to your industry sector.
  • Effective Communication Skills – The art of speaking publicly is vital for every C-suite spokesperson. Genesis B-M coaches, with significant experience in the science of persuasive and successful presentations, to put a time-tested process behind your public speaking efforts.
  • Issues & Crises Management Training – We help our clients manage their ‘reputation risk’ by deploying our proprietary methodology, Crisis1™, that helps them identify vulnerabilities, take pre-emptive steps & manage a crisis and its ‘after effects’.
  • Messaging Workshop – Using the SOCO™ (Simple Overriding Communication Objective) Genesis B-M identifies an effective ‘corporate/brand position’ within the company’s business environment, re-aligns, re-develops or reinforces the position, as well as creates ‘supporting pillars’ and key messages.

Sheena has a wide experience across industry verticals ranging from manufacturing, automobiles, chemicals, consumer brands, healthcare, telecom, information technology and entertainment amongst others. Based in   Bangalore, the outsourcing capital of India, She has led her team in developing focused and innovative employee communication programmes.