How We Add Value

Evidence-Based Communication combines data-driven strategy with creativity and flexibility to give an effective programme that can be easily customised. This is then monitored and audited to give you the accountability you seek as well as to help you with any mid-course correction.

Evidence-Based Communications ends the guess work

All communications strategies are based on evidence, not speculation.

It delivers better ROI

By using Evidence-Based Communications to develop programs, the firm is ensuring that each client’s communications dollars are spent on tactics and messages that will deliver results.

It is measurable

By using Evidence-Based tools for benchmarking at the beginning of a program and measuring effectiveness at the end, clients can demonstrate a positive communications ROI.

The programs are nimble

Because Burson-Marsteller measures the impact of a program’s tactics at the beginning, middle and end of program, there is an opportunity to modify tactics in the middle of a campaign.

It is a holistic approach to communications

The Evidence-Based approach is a complete methodology. The approach ensures a thorough use of data and tools designed specifically to insert science into the process where appropriate.

It provides proof of PR value to the organization’s C-Suite

By using an Evidence-Based approach, communications professionals can demonstrate the value that PR brings to their organization at large.