Step Up


Small is the new big—especially when it comes to India Inc. While entrepreneurship is in the DNA of India, in the past few years, start-ups have really shown a phenomenal growth. There are more than 50 million start-ups and small and medium businesses (SMBs) in India, employing over 81 million people. The potential that the start-up segment holds has prompted both, government and industry to create support infrastructure for them through funds and incubation centres.

To take the next leap of growth, visibility is a key factor for a start-up. That is where we come in. As an agency that grew from being a one-woman venture to a 250-plus employees company with global linkages, we have lived the journey your start-up is embarking on. We also count some of the most successful Indian entrepreneurship stories among our clients.

As your public relations partners, our start-up focused Step Up programme will help you be more visible, not just to potential customers but also to a wider investor base. Through customisable service offerings, we work as your partners by not just giving you media coverage, but the right strategic counsel to help you reach out to your stakeholders in the most effective way.

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