The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau

The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau represents a range of speakers like motivational speakers who deliver insightful content with impact across domains and expertise areas. Exemplary representatives of their fields, our speakers include industry leaders, story-tellers, brand gurus, bureaucrats, thinkers and activists, inspiring entrepreneurs, and more. We can design speaking engagements to suit various audience segments and event formats.


Across event formats: Senior management development programmes; seminars and business conferences; corporate retreats and offsites; employee training and motivational sessions; strategic counsel and planning; webinars and podcasts; guest editorials and newsletter contributions.

Across audiences: Global leadership and visitors; government and policy makers; senior management; key influencers, including media, opinion leaders and experts; cross-section of employees; consumers; partners and go-to-market teams.

What sets us apart

The pace of change, the speed to learn, the skills to achieve are mind-boggling. Our experienced, successful and articulate speakers become Mentors of Change.

Customisation. We design programmes around the need of the organisation. Whether it is for one person or hundreds, our programmes can be tailored to suit scale, skills enhancement, as well as understanding levels. The customisation may be for a one-off session or for monthly, quarterly or annual programmes.

The sessions are followed up through webinars with the speaker, where we encourage discussions and questions and recommended books and videos to sharpen the learning.

Mentoring. As roles change, new skills are required, which in turn need consistent effort to translate learning into action. Our speakers who have ‘been there, done that’ become mentors, providing periodic inputs and new learnings over a sustained period of time, which evolve as you put them in practice.

Between personalised sessions, follow ups are encouraged through interactions with the speaker so that there is continued engagement until the goal is achieved.

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