Corporate Social Responsibility


Genesis Burson-Marsteller and WhiteKettle Consulting have formed an alliance to enable businesses to create and execute effective Corporate Social Responsibility strategies that lead to maximum social impact while ensuring sustainable business growth.

From being a purely philanthropist concept, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has evolved to become a management doctrine. Businesses today strive to achieve a balance of economic, social and environmental imperatives even as they meet the expectations of the shareholders and stakeholders.

Efficient CSR strategies can really help in nation building by bringing development to places and communities where it is needed the most. With participative approach as the core principle, CSR can help tackle socio-economic and geographical alienation. Moreover, CSR has immense policy advocacy potential as corporations that voluntarily commit to social actions and programmes can also envision legislation and ensure greater corporate independence from government.

Our Services


Sustainable CSR Strategies: Building CSR as a creative opportunity that goes beyond mandates to fundamentally strengthen the business while contributing to society.

Behaviour Change: Create sustainable change interventions that address the supply side of the challenge and also address latent community demand.

Stakeholder Mapping and Management: Identify, initiate, forge and manage stakeholder partnerships that maximise social and business value.

Advocacy: Developing a ‘needs-based segmentation’ to ensure that we engage with and deliver the right messages to the right people.

Companies Act 2013: Counseling and training to develop, implement and monitor all CSR mandates, including ISO 26000.

Training: Envision, co-create and integrate the CSR culture in organisations through trainings so that CSR as a discipline becomes sustainable.

Employee Engagement: Taking it beyond the boardroom to encapsulate the values and principles of all workers.