GBM Live! Newsroom


The market is shifting gears and so is technology. As an agency, we have always been ahead of the curve to bring our clients the most innovative, efficient and effective ways to communicate with their stakeholders. In the rapidly changing media landscape in India – with more print media, more television media, more online news sources, more newswires, more social channels, all in multiple languages, you need greater media insights, sharper outcomes, and real-time feedback.

As the focus moves beyond consumers in the metro markets to new markets, B2C communications has to reach potential consumers who need to know more about the product before they buy. At the same time, corporate organisations are looking at how they can be more sharply focussed on which journalists, publications, columnists, programmes that impacts their business.

With this in mind,we have announced a pioneering concept called GBM Live Newsroom – a centre of expertise that spots actionable trends, curates new and innovative distribution channels that go beyond the press release, with creative and compelling content capability.

Trend spotting 

  • Real time listening and monitoring capabilities across print, television, digital and news wire channels to assist teams and clients during times of crisis
  • Better media analytics based on Big Data driven intelligence platform
  • Comprehensive database system for identifying the right channel for communication
  • Media counsel from experienced former journalists who know what works and what does not
  • All of this delivered to clients and team members real time and on-the- go.

Innovative distribution

Capability to conceptualise and execute end-to-end new media initiatives.

Creative content

The art of storytelling has become visual. Multi-media content such as video clips, animations, infographic are changing the game. The Newsroom will enhance content creation capabilities by producing and supplying content, going beyond the press release.

GBM Live Newsroom will be available to the consultancy staff through a especially set-up Control Centre at our Gurugram office, an intranet portal and a mobile application. A state of the art intelligence platform is being developed to help our clients keep track of the daily news as it unfolds, get deeper understanding on who is driving the messages, proactively provide counselling on communications plans and deliver a revolutionary, result-oriented way to distribute creative content.