GBM Client Studio

Communication is one of the most crucial forces in business success today, not just because it has the power to inform, but because communications can affirm or change people’s perceptions and behaviour towards a positive business outcome.


We understand how important it is to chisel this skill and offer a number of different training sessions under GBM Client Studio for honing varying skill levels and specific communications needs. Using proprietary knowledge, concepts, insights and skill, we facilitate training for senior executives in organisations and associations. These sessions are all further tailored to meet the specific needs of a client and trainee.

Here are the trainings we offer:

  • Media Training – Basic: This course gives trainees a simple, memorable methodology for how to prepare for and execute successful engagement with the media.
  • Advanced Media Training: Special focus, intense practice and evidenced-based messaging for preparing C-Suite executives.
  • Quick Prep! If your spokesperson has already been through media training, but now faces a difficult interview on short notice, Quick Prep! is here.
  • Social Media Training: Learn how to extend your reach and contribute to communities of interest, use social media as a focus-group of thousands or as an early warning system to defend against a fast-moving issue.
  • Effective Communication Skills: We coach you in the science of persuasive and successful presentations and work with you to put a time-tested process behind your public speaking efforts.
  • Issues & Crises Management: We help you manage your reputation risk by deploying our proprietary methodology, Crisis1™, which helps you identify vulnerabilities and take pre-emptive steps or manage a crisis and its after-effects.
  • Messaging Workshop: We help you develop messages to define what your company should be seen as or identified as by key stakeholders including policy makers, media, partners, regulators and consumers.