We have chosen some of the most critical areas to focus our services on. These critical practice areas are the ones that, in our opinion, need maximum intervention in terms of communication. These practice areas are followed across all our services.

  • Corporate & Financial Practice
    The paradigms in the world of business change constantly, and it is important for you to stay connected with your stakeholders through these changes.
  • Telecom & Technology Practice
    The dizzying pace of the technology world is both a blessing and a challenge. On the one hand it helps us solve problems almost at the speed of thought and gives us a real-time connect with our stakeholders, and on the other, it can been quite daunting to keep up with.
  • Brand & Consumer Practice
    In a world where boundaries have blurred and perceptions are formed and changed at unimaginable speed, our new-age public relations programmes actively construct and manage brand reputation by engaging in a dialogue with consumers.
  • Health & Wellness Practice
    An industry that is witnessing an increasing consumer interest and spend, a huge untapped segment and an evolving regulatory environment, Health & Wellness is clearly a sunshine sector. However, it is also a sector where influencers play a crucial role and trust is a major concern.

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