Corporate & Financial

It takes a lot for an organisation to build its reputation, and nothing much to lose it. The Corporate & Financial Practice at Genesis BM, an integrated communications firm, understands this complex process of corporate reputation management. We bring to the table unmatched expertise and experience in a wide range of programmes that build and nurture corporate reputation.

Our Corporate Practice encompasses the entire gamut from manufacturing to service sectors. We can handle traditional segments of ‘the old economy’ as well as address the challenges and learning of the ‘the new economy’. In order to deliver superior reputation management and public relations with real, measurable impact, the Corporate & Financial Practice has developed its own proprietary tools and techniques.

The core offerings of the Corporate & Financial Practice cover:

  • Corporate profiling through stories that communicate the company’s unique point of view.
  • CEO positioning that shares the vision of the company powered by the depth of expertise.
  • Thought leadership to establish the organisation’s credentials as the industry expert.
  • Media relations to ally with a powerful stakeholder and credible channel of communication providing valuable third party endorsement.
  • Influencer (traditional and online) outreach tapping a combination of mediums to get a focused impact.
  • Public and private partnership to harness the strengths for a win-win combination.
  • Internal communications to align employees as brand ambassadors for the company.

In the end, it is all about creating a corporate legacy that outlives individuals and the Corporate & Financial Practice helps companies achieve this by shaping public sentiment.

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