Public Affairs

Public affairs

Increasing collaboration between the industry and the government has made public affairs a critical function that ensures the two work cohesively. In the last few years, since we started public affairs consulting, we have witnessed its evolution into a strategic focus area for business leaders.

For us, public affairs means equipping corporations with expertise to engage with the government and other key opinion leaders by ethically influencing in the areas of policy advocacy, regulatory landscape, and stakeholder mapping and engagement, while upholding their image and beliefs.

Our team comprises of senior policy advisors who have worked with the government for many years, lawyers, communication specialists, journalists and development experts. The team is ably supported by top-quality writers and research specialists with a keen interest in policy issues.

Our Services

  • Policy Advocacy Policy formulation is a complicated process and engaging solely with the government is not adequate. To maximise impact, we create advocacy programmes that engage other critical stakeholders including regulatory and industry bodies, NGOs, media and think-tanks.
  • Stakeholder Outreach Identifying the right stakeholder(s) is key to any outreach campaign. We help you understand your stakeholders in the business and policy universe and reach out to them.
  • Regulatory Affairs Businesses need to engage with regulatory bodies at state and local levels to ensure smooth operations of business. We help you overcome challenges by providing perspectives, while helping you navigate the maze of approvals.
  • Project Advisory Services An economic-political-business analysis of states and the industries within them can be useful to you in making critical business decisions. Our knowledge and research team can prepare reports on geographies and sectors with insights into the potential and possible challenges, especially from a policy perspective.
  • Legislative Monitoring and Research ‘Listening’ to the government and tracking the progress of a policy is often as crucial as advice to be able to align business and policy objectives. We provide critical business insights that help shape or secure your business strategy.
  • Facilitating Government Partnerships Successful collaboration with the government requires understanding of the opportunity and forging a win-win alliance. Our team of experts can help you and the government communicate benefits of a potential partnership.
  • Crisis Management We understand both, the pulse of the government as well as that of public opinion, and are equipped to manage issues or crises that threaten to impact continuity of business. We help clear perceptions by presenting facts to critical stakeholders.
  • Political & State Campaigns Understanding the pulse of its constituency is of utmost importance to a political entity. We conduct polling and research to understand this and then use the insight to help political groups or individuals articulate their messages to the respective constituency. Our extensive experience in integrated communications enables us to draft strategies for communicating key messages across mediums – digital, print and broadcast

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Our Strengths

  • A strong public affairs team, with the ability to share insights and not just information
  • Excellent appreciation and understanding of the federal government and those in key states
  • Extensive knowledge of policy formulation processes
  • Deep understanding of media and its needs


Our Domain Expertise

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