Brand and Consumer Practice

In a world where boundaries have blurred and perceptions are formed and changed at unimaginable speed, our new-age public relations programmes actively construct and manage brand reputation by engaging in a dialogue with consumers.

Our brand reputation programmes go beyond the traditional realm of publicity creation in typical media channels and focus on integrated campaigns that are backed by an evidence-based approach. We create campaigns built on consumer insights, packed with creative ideas and innovative outreach programmes. These are designed to tell a coherent story about the brand through consistent and carefully crafted messaging and rich content that keeps it relevant and topical in the consumer’s mind.

Our brand marketing professionals conceptualise and manage high-visibility campaigns across a wide spectrum of sectors. These include:

  • broadcast and entertainment
  • travel and hospitality
  • automobiles
  • consumer goods
  • consumer technology
  • retail
  • fashion and lifestyle
  • consumer healthcare
  • sports
  • art and culture
  • movies marketing.