Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility: The time to act is NOW

  • The Rise of Shared Value: People expect that the organisations they associate with to share the same values.
  • Power to the People: With unprecedented access to information and opportunities for collaboration, power no longer lies solely with organisations.
  • The End of Trust: In the past several years, trust in organisation has been eroded across all sectors.
  • Companies Act 2013: The law mandates CSR systems to be in place and normative benchmarks of 2% of Profit After Tax (PAT) spending for Private Sector on CSR.

Our Corporate Responsibility CoE understands this evolving scenario and is adept at working successfully to help clients fulfil their needs.

We believe

CR is integrated with Business Objectives and Core Competencies

Has to create Business Value and Positive Social Change

Enhances Trust and engagement with Key Stakeholders

Is designed for Measurement, Reporting and Communication

We create and manage sustainable CR strategies and programmes across India for

  • Community investment
  • Industry insights in CR and sustainability
  • Supply chain engagement
  • Climate and environment
  • Reporting and communications

Our expertise areas

corporate responsibility

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