Your Career Path

If you are looking for a career in communications, we offer opportunities in a range of areas. Depending on your interests, qualifications and aptitude, you could be working for public relations, public affairs, digital marketing, corporate responsibility, or content and design.

Public Relations: As a public relations professional you use your abilities as a communicator to help create and manage the reputation of your clients. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills are must, of course, and so is the ability to think on your feet.

Public Affairs: Treading the delicate path between policy, reputation and government relations, public affairs needs an understanding of policy, functioning of the government and the bureaucracy, sectoral knowledge, specifically in ITES, healthcare, pharma, infrastructure, telecom, food and food processing, and domain expertise within policy, like in taxation (direct and indirect) and competition law.

Digital Marketing: The digital media space is extremely dynamic and exciting. New trends, the ability to create conversations around your clients’ companies and brands, and aiding the offline efforts for reputation management are some of the main objectives for the digital marketing team.
We look for individuals with the ability to understand business and brand dynamics, the role of communications and consumer behaviour, and a deep understanding of digital communications functions, tools, practices, benefits and limitations.

Corporate Responsibility: The world of business today is increasingly aware of the impact it has, and can have, on the environment and the communities that it touches. We help our clients become more aware of the ways they can be responsible corporates, connect them with the best minds and institutions to take forward their CR vision and help them communicate their efforts to their stakeholders. A keen awareness of the social issues and concerns, an understanding of the non-profit sector, and an ability to connect the two with business imperatives are some of the desirable skills if you want to work in our CR centre of excellence.

The Content and Design Bureau: Content is at the core of all communication. The Core offers a wide spectrum of editorial, research, design and knowledge advisory services that our clients the edge. The ability to write well, design well and conceptualise the finished product are some of the qualities we look for. Strong language skills are a must for an editorial position, while designers need to be able to think outside the box and be able to use the prevalent design tools.

Besides these, we frequently have openings in the functional areas of finance, HR, compliance, IT support and others.

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